Development of the Periodic Table, X Rays and the Telescope

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Chemistry has been the way of life for millions of years! It helps us develop new concepts of thinking and finding solutions to our problems. Did you know that fire was the first chemical reaction humans learned to use and control? ( Chemistry has helped our world come up with new, advanced technology to benefit us all. Chemistry played a role in developing the periodic table, x-rays, and the telescope.
Primarily, the Periodic Table of Elements was primarily thought to be developed by Dmitri Mendeleev. However, “Antoine Lavoisier first established the modern concept of the element in the late 1700s” (worldbook). Mendeleev published his version of the periodic table in 1869. Also, many scientists before Mendeleev tried grouping elements together that had similar characteristics between each other. For example, a German chemist grouped similar elements into groups of three. On the other hand, Mendeleev grouped elements by mass and properties. Later a chemist, by the name of Henry Moseley, said that elements should be grouped by their atomic number instead. As we all know, the atomic mass goes higher with the atomic number. Quantum mechanics affected the shape of the periodic table. The final changes of the periodic table were the elements we see that branch off. These elements are called the transuranium elements. I think without the development of the periodic table we may not have different types of medicines, or maybe just generic products to help us along the way of life. For example, humans need Zinc. A doctor can simply tell a person how much Zinc he/she needs or a simple nutrition label can tell how much of the element is in the product. With the development of the periodic table, it gave scientists l...

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...ywhere and be used for entertainment/hobby purposes. A parent can easily get his/her child excited for looking at the glowing stars at night. Training a child when he is young so that he can be wise when he grows old is a great proverb for situations as these. This means that if you encourage a child to try out science at a young age will help him succeed later in life.
In conclusion the history of chemistry has helped in the development of the periodic table, the x-ray machine, and simple telescopes. The cool thing about all that is that each of these discoveries are still around today and they just keep getting better. Each discovery helps improver every living creature’s life. Chemistry is life, and without chemistry there is no life. This is a very powerful statement, and I believe it holds to be true. Chemistry is found in pretty much every aspect of life.

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