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This Essay includes a case study that defines the development of an individual named John facing depression and goes through the Christchurch earthquake which has a big effect on him and his family. John follows a pathway of development which is post traumatic stress disorder which means his stress level will change during and after the earthquake.Also, there will be a few implications affecting the educational and psychosocial outcomes. John will find a way to do well in the future after recovering from PTSD (post traumatic disorder). In John’s case there were many risks and resilience factors of the impact and post-impact period of the earthquake. Based on Bronfenbrenner’s theory which mentions that the individual is the microsystem which is surrounded by different systems that affects his development also he has an impact on the surrounding systems, for example the mesosystem which includes his neighbours , his family , friends and environment. The next system is the exosystem which contains society, culture and community. Some of the risk factors on john in the impact period of the earthquake is that there is a chance of him going back to face depression with the stress level associated with the presence of the earthquake and aftershocks.also, john mentioned in his predisaster period that moving to a new city had a big effect on his role transition, he found it hard to settle in a new city and was able to identify his feelings by playing music. During session 5 john made a collage of recorded music that demonstrated the different aspects that he think about for example, his home town,school, and friends. In this collage john used heavy metal music, jazz and country music using these types of music he demonstrated feelings of... ... middle of paper ... ...counsellor supported him since the pre disaster period to this present time, it works as a base to check on his wellbeing and life. When john is ready to move out it is better for him to flat with his mates then he can introduce the technique of showing his feelings by playing music. In conclusion, Bronfenbrenner’s theory have a great link with john’s situation as it emphasizes the relationship between the individual,family and the community. With the PTSD john had an outstanding result in the post disaster period , he not only recoverd but had the earthquake left a chance with his feelings to relate to other people’s feelings , interact and feel that he is not the only one feeling down .A sense of belonging to the city was inserted in john’s life, In a result of that he could plan to have a better future with the ability to cope with most of life’s hard situations.
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