Development of IT

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Information technology (IT) involves the application of computers and other telecommunication devices to store transmit and manipulate data into meaningful information. The sector is known to deeply depend on computers to perform all its roles. In business, the term IT refers to usage of computer based information systems. It involves software development and its installation in planning and management of organizations technology. The software and hardware are frequently maintained and upgraded to cope with the rising technological advancements, which are more reliable and efficient (Atlantic 34). Development of IT sector in India led to the creation of more than 15 million jobs. The country’s revenue increased the GDP to 133 US dollars. Cisco Company Cisco a leading network company launched new software’s, switches and services to transform its information technology in a more business oriented manner. The company has a vision of constructing new application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) architecture. The ACI plan has been raised due to the emergence of Software- Defined Networking (SDN). The ACI will reduce the time being taken in removal and change of applications to minutes for maximum efficiency. Construction of the Nexus 9000 switch will enable a network transition from NX-OS to the ACI- mode, which has up-graded software and an additional control switch. With the application of ASIC’s and merchant Silicon, the system will have improved performance and more density port in data dispersion. The APIC is capable of managing about 1 million endpoints at ago. It operates independently of switch data and control panels hence the network will be operational even if the system is offline. The SDN allows the networking software to be ... ... middle of paper ... ...ient in power consumption besides having so many other interior modifications. Initially we are in the micro technology whereby items like microchips are being incorporated in computers. Some years to come the world will have adopted the nanotechnology whereby so minute devices will be manufactured. More powerful and efficient devices are being made to satisfy the customers demand. Eruption of these technologies does not mean that what we are learning now will be useless. It implies that we will have some basics of how these devices are operating though we shall be un-aware of the mechanisms (Atlantic 34). This is because the current trend in technology is so high that every inventor wishes to come up with a new item if not a modification of the old one. Works Cited Atlantic, A. Information Technology. New York: Atlantic Publishers and Distributors, 2007. Print.
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