Development of Colonial Societies

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During the early historic years, there were many upcoming and developing colonial societies. Many of the colonial societies faced tension and problems throughout their time period, causing people to distrust or unsure of their colonial rules. Bacon’s Rebellion, Pueblo Revolt and Salem Witchcraft Trials were all huge events that took place in early historic times. These featured events established great refinement for religion, political and social formation within the colonial societies.
Bacon’s Rebellion, Pueblo Revolt and Salem Witchcraft Trials took an enormous toll on how the religious structure was changed throughout the colonial societies. The Salem Witchcraft trials created excessive tension by using religion to force people to believe who was good and who was a sinner. Women believed to be witches were thought to possess the power to cause harm to others, this creating a public outcry. The majority of the “sinners” consisted of young girls in the young ages of 11-20, the accused witches being women in their middle ages.( Kolasa-Lecture Week #1) In Pueblo Revolt, religion played a huge roll in many problems developed during this period. The revolt forced Indians who worshiped independently to change their religious beliefs to Christianity. ( During Bacon’s Rebellion religion was the cause of some tension during this time period because people were not forced to study a certain religion. You have free access to believe as you wanted and to go about your spiritual ways however you would like. “The Indians, Las Casas says, have no religion, at least no temples.” (Zinn,pg 5) This caused tension because without religion there were many different beliefs of what people ...

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...-1-3-5.html) In the Pueblo Revolt, people did not like the fact that a lower class, Indians, was bringing in more wealth than anyone else. This created a lot of tension because people of high class wanted to make more wealth than Indians. In all of these various events, social tension was created through the same aspect, social class.
Bacon’s Rebellion, Pueblo Revolt, and Salem Witchcraft Trials were all monumental events that took place. During each of these events, settlers were faced with similar issues, leading to tension within their colonies. Religion, political, and social problems all occurred and created issues that each colony would have to address in different aspects. Although their problems were different, they all were similar as each group was trying to find their freedom, independence, and develop a different way of living life amongst new settlers.
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