Development is a Form of Exploitation

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In my opinion, I absolutely agree that development is a form of exploitation. Even though that concept of development is a contested concept, but according to Rostow (1960), the concept of development is connected to the economic growths which linked to economic performance. In general, development happens for the pursuit of economy. Then, Rostow (1960) seen development as an increase of production and efficiency and measured primarily by comparing the per capita income. Dimensions of development are diverse; economic, political, social, environment, technology and so on. Meanwhile, exploitation in the other hand is harmless, consensual, and is mutually beneficial for the developers and the society (Meyers, 2004). He added that exploitation is not always wrong, and even when it is wrong, it is sometimes mutually beneficial and harmless. Goodin (1987) contends that the form of exploitation is taking unfair advantage, but it is worth noting that taking advantage is not always unfair. While, Meyer (2007) added that exploitation becomes unfair only when one gains undeservedly at the expense of others.

The main reason that I absolutely agree about the development is a form of exploitation is because development is equal to modernization (Frank, 1966), which focused on the economic domination that leads to exploitation. This is because development could be explained by the used of technology, accumulation of capital, and labour forces for more convincing economic growth. Development is happens in every countries around the world. It is because development happens to achieve the economic growth which can lead to increasing the gross national product (GNP). In order to attain better economic growth, states need some improvement to dev...

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... less developed countries should distance themselves from the influence of capitalist system and refrain themselves from being exploited, or from becoming capitalist systems themselves. In order to achieve that, less developed countries should reduce their economic dependencies on foreign aid, international aid, technology and investment.

In conclusion, I stand my opinion that development is indeed a form of exploitation. But, on the other hand, I would like to justify that development is same to modernisation theory. Even though development failed to eradicate poverty, but it’s never failed to exploit. That is because if developers want to make development, they may have continued to exploit and thus became the capitalist. What my question is, will avoiding the developed countries (capitalist) help to less developed countries to develop?

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