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Foster care is the care provided for children in case’s sometimes due to the problems within a family, such as neglect, abuse both violent and sexual, parents substance abuse ,depression or other health issues and as a result the environment, within which the child lives may be considered unsafe or inappropriate or even life-threatening. In case’s such as these agencies such as police, social workers, or doctors may recommend that the child be taken temporarily into care, until the situation may be investigated or rectified, in the most severe cases the child either may remain in care until the age of 16 or even sometimes adopted by another family. Weather short term or long term and for whatever the reason a child is taken from its familiar surroundings this may all have a huge effect on the child both emotionally, mentally and physically which possibly could have lasting affects into adulthood. This essay will explore both the theory and the research into the impact that foster care may have on the development and emotional wellbeing of a child as well as the possible effects of the factors of why they were placed in foster care. In the UK during 2013 there were a reported 68,110 looked after children 28,460 of those were no longer in care by the end of the year and a further 3,980 of those children were legally adopted by other families. The largest majority of those children placed in care were for reasons of neglect or abuse with 62%.The second highest with 15% were for reasons of family dysfunction and the lowest with 1%was because of family income (Glenndennings 2013). There are various forms of fostering intended to meet the needs of children either for short periods or for the possibility of long term. Emergency foste... ... middle of paper ... ... way as their parents would when in a situation with others. For example if a young boy regularly experiences seeing his father or mother’s partner hitting her he will be more likely to repeat the same behaviour towards either their own future partner’s or sometimes even their own children (Isom 1998). Whatever the factors that have led to a child have being placed in care, some children may enter into foster care with already existing issues and because many have suffered from abuse, neglect or that of inadequate care it is thought that those who leave care in the future are at a higher risk of suffering poor physical, mental health and of a poor educational outcome, in addition to potential teen pregnancies, unemployment, being involved in criminal activity and that of in the future their own children being at risk of being taken into care (Wakelyn 2011).

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