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The objective of the study is to prepare the 20 years perspective tourism plan & policy for Sustainable Development of Tourism in Assam. The Sustainable Development of Tourism in the State will lead to the following achievements-  Meet the needs of tourists and host regions while protecting opportunity for the the future.  Satisfy the demands of tourists and the tourism industry, and contunue to attract them to meet the first aim.  To increase the market share of Assam Inbound Tourism.  To promote and proper development of Sustainable Tourism of Assam.  Sustainable Tourism product which are operated in harmony with the local environment, community and cultures , that these become the permanent beneficiaries not the victimes of tourism development .  To create long term Human Resource Development programe to make capacity for the local people to take advantage of the opportunities offered by tourism development.  To promote adequate and comprehensive development of infrastructure of international standards,  To improve the quality of Tourism Products to meet the new demands of tourists.  To create awareness among the people about the importance of Assam Tourism as well as Tea Tourism of Assam.  To make tourism as an important tool for socio economic development of the State of Assam. (5.3) THE TOURISM CIRCUITS CONCENTRATING ON THE STRENGTH OF ASSAM’S TOURISM ATTRATCTIONS:  WILDLIFE TOURISM: Assam has great diversity of wildlife, like the Indian one horned rhinoceros. Kaziranga National Park & Manas national park both of are World National Heritage sites as well as Tiger Reserves. The other National Parks & Wildlife Sanctuaries such as Pobitara, Nameri, Orang, Barail, Dibru Saikhowa have their own charm and beauty. These... ... middle of paper ... ...und. (5.5) ASSAM TOURISM TO DEVELOP VAISHNAVITE CIRCUIT The Assam Tourism Development Corporation (ATDC) is planning to develop a Vaishnavite circuit to showcase the rich cultural and religious heritage of the state. The circuit would feature places connected to the lives of Srimanta Sankardev and Madhabdev in addition to the famous sattras. ATDC has elaborated that the initial phase of the project would cover three locations, namely, Bardowa in Nagaon, Narayanpur in Lakhimpur and Jamugiri in Sonitpur, as the aforementioned locations are the centres of Vaishnavite culture. The state is being provided Rs. 8 crore by the central Government for development of the project. A number of facilities would be developed which would involve renovation of museums, libraries, open air theatres, auditoriums and construction of new guest houses.

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