Development Of Early Childhood Education

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Children are naturally curious human beings. Children’s preschool years are essential to their social emotional and cognitive developmental skills. When children begin with preschool, they should be exposed to a variety of activities. In developing my curriculum, I would like to mold young children to become great achievers. My curriculum name is LA Mona. I will base LA Mona curriculum with High Scope, Project Approach and Montessori. Children in Preschools or Head Start programs who use this curriculum, will developed skill on which their future education will be built. By planning my own curriculum, I will select activities and topic that appeal to your child’s needs and desires. For my curriculum, I will focus on specific goals that the parents or guardians have for their child.
The main purpose of early childhood education is for children to gain socialization and become familiar with educational structure. Barnett (2011) suggests “Early educational intervention can have substantive short- and long-term effects on cognition, social-emotional development, school progress, antisocial behavior, and even crime” (p. 6). Children who enter Preschools, Daycares and Head Start will have benefits which will increase children’s language and literacy and comprehension skills. LA Mona’s Curriculum will prepare children for formal education. Early Childhood education helps children learn useful life skills which is beneficial. These skills help children to become more independent. LA Mona’s Curriculum will enhance children’s ability to be creative, physical, language and literacy socially and educationally ready for higher leaning goals.

Nature of Young Children and how they learn
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...nik, Meltzoff, Kuhl, 2011). These action can increase children’s ability to learn and interact with teachers and classmates. In addition, teachers can enhance children’s understanding for social, cognitive and physical with appreciate materials and toys.
Physical development increases children’s social skills with their peers, language and literacy comprehensions and promote other skills such as math and social studies perceptions. Most parents believe when children are moving they are just playing. Early Childhood Educators suggest while children are playing, they are moving their bodies and learning about the world around them. The benefits of physical development and play is when teachers support children ideals and build upon their interest in play. Physical development gives children the freedom to express themselves with songs, dance and body movements.
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