Development: Historical Context

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The late 50’s and early 60’s are considered one of the most influential time period throughout history, so many phenomenons went guiding the course of history to what it is today .Prior to WWII, there were numerous amounts of conflicts that America faced . Industrialization was the first of many conflicts, Factories were unsanitary and children were working in unsafe conditions and only getting the minimum wage for it .Another huge conflict prior to WWII was women suffrage . in the early 19th century women had enough of being considered as inferior to men and protested for the right to vote .and by creating that amendment it generated this atmosphere of creativity and as a result more inventions and ideas were made making it easier for women to focus on careers or taking care of their families more .The resolution of these conflicts changed the whole thought of what a normal family was . After WWII, a substantial amount of changes occurred in American family dynamics . which redefined what a “family” was. Kids were no longer working but going to school , and the emergence of teenagers began, the ''teenage'' year were recognized as an important unique developmental stage between immaturity to maturity . As the idea of teenagers evolved so did music and other products ,in mid 50's television sets , tv shows ,radio stations and movies were on high demand causing the Federal Communications Commission to broadcast more, this manifested into more airtime allowing advertisement giving America a big an economical boost. By today’s standards, the concept of teenagers has evolved to a more complex level and technology is even more relied on then it was back then. Furthermore it becomes clear that American families in the post... ... middle of paper ... ...ying to expand the …………………... American culture has most definitely evolved a great deal fashion trends are constantly changing or making a reappearance Music genres have become more limitless and a majority of the younger generation has developed into more free spirited personalities , outspoken and overtaken with passion .But whether or not we have changed for the greater good still remains to be seen . In the late 60’s and early 70’s american culture was at its prime clothing become more complex music had escalated from blue and jazz to rock n roll significant artist and bands such as the beatles , pete seeger , john lennon, and creedence clearwater revival these artist had concern for their nation and those in and affected by the war and this concern gave them creativity and courage to write songs that send out message
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