Developing and implementing change

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Implementing change

According to George & Tuite (2008), implementation is the most difficult step. Lewin (1951) refers to this process as “moving” (Deegan, 2004). During this step, new policies or innovations are included into daily routines. This stage also includes behavioural changes from organisational members whereby old patterns of behaviour are replaced by new ones (ref?). According to Maxfield (2009), structural changes are sometimes required to influence behaviour; for example creating a physical space where people can brainstorm ideas without being disturbed.

During the implementation of a new curriculum by Maggi, Stergiopoulos & Sockalingam (2008), the teaching sessions were attended by the leaders and their roles were to observe if the curriculum were being delivered as planned and to provide support in difficulties. The leaders met with the teachers in advance to assist with planning of lectures. The leadership team was also involved in organisational tasks such as rooms booking and collecting evaluations at the end of the workshop. Therefore, during the imp...

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