Developing and implementing change

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Change can occur through a single change agent or a guiding coalition. A guiding coalition is the formation of a dedicated leadership team (Cunnigham & Kempling, 2009). The aim of the coalition is to represent the organisation unofficially and act as champions, undertake research, listen to people and get information. According to Maggi, Stergiopoulos & Sockalingam (2008), establishing a leadership team means people can come together with different ideas and bring more input into the change process. The support of top-management is very important for the successful implementation of change (Fernandez & Rainey, 2006). For example, the CEO from Erwin (2009) report, identified executives and managers who were most capable of creating the specific action plan to change and improve performance. By doing this a team committee was established as stated by Kotter’s (1996) framework: forming a guiding coalition. Similarly, for the curriculum change implementation, a committee was established to develop learning objectives (Maggi, Stergiopoulos & Sockalingam, 2008).

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