Developing a Vacant Business Site

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Developing a Vacant Business Site My aim is to choose a vacant business site and make recommendations on how it may be developed for business purposes. I expect to find and answer to this aim by using two different types of research. The first type is field research, which is also known as primary research. This is when you do your own research and gain your own, unique results. Examples of this type of research could include interviews, questionnaires, photographs, shop count, description etc. The other type of research is desk research, also called secondary research. Unlike field research, you use other people's results and surveys and put them to your own use e.g. maps, internet, estate agents, council plans etc. I am going to distribute 25 questionnaires to pedestrians around each of the three sites I will be studying. I am doing this amount because it will enable me to get an accurate result and overall conclusion when collecting the information. I will need to think about quite a few factors when giving out my questionnaires, such as the day, time, and place of distribution because these things will affect the results that I gain I.e. if I gave out my questionnaires on a Saturday, the shop or area would be much busier than if I carried it out on a weekday such as a Tuesday. This is the same case with the time because shops are busier on certain times of day compared to others. This is highly distinctive with restaurants and cafes because lunchtimes and dinner times are the busiest periods. Another factor that will affect the results is which type of sampling I use. In this particular case I am going to be using random sampling as opposed to quota, meaning anybody can be chosen at random rather than specifically selecting people of a range of ages, income, gender etc. I will also be comparing location factors of the sites e.g. the things that will increase customer flow. The things that could affect this are whether or not they are near:

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