Developing Role of US air Forces since WW1

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532 words

The U.S Air Force became an independent military service at the end of 1947, following the function of the National Security Act of 1947. This Act developed the National Military Establishment that was afterwards called United States Department of Defence. Before 1947, the roles of the military Air Force were split between the Navy and the army. The United States Air Force (USAF) has been a key component of the U.S armed forces, with basic responsibilities for air defence, air warfare, and the creation of military space research. It also offers air services in synchronization with other military departments. Even though the above mentioned roles or responsibilities were simply meant for the Air force, this essay will argue that they have been changing since the First World War up to date. The U.S military operations in the air started off with the use of balloons for investigations during the Spanish-American War and the American Civil War. After the WWI, the Air Force Service was rapidly reduced to a small fraction of its earlier power. Mitchell became a strong exponent of the mov...

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that the united states air force became an independent military service in 1947, following the national security act of 1947.
  • Explains that the u.s military operations in the air started with the use of balloons during the spanish-american war and the american civil war. after wwi, the air force service was rapidly reduced to a fraction of its earlier power.
  • Explains that the air arm of the army had 25,000 men and officers and close to 1,500 tactical planes. the air corps expanded its operations in response to european events in 1940.
  • Narrates how the 8th and 15th air forces took part in the tactical bombing of germany, along with the royal air force bomber command. in the pacific theatre, three air forces joined the navy and the army
  • Explains that the strategic air command (sac) was established to initiate nuclear-armed bombers during the cold war, and played a vital role in the nuclear deterrent forces until 1992.
  • Explains that the role of the u.s air forces became tougher and changed as time went by. the ground force, marines, army, and navy have criticized the usaf for providing defensive but offensive roles.
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