Developing Leaders at UPS: Ms. Jovita Carranza

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The characteristics of a leader like Ms. Jovita Carranza came through in her daily actions with those encircled by her personal and professional life experiences. Leaders come in all forms of varieties, genders, ethnicity and descriptors like Carranza. Carranza didn't stopped to think about some of the leaders that have inspired her or even some that have infuriated her, the qualities of her good leadership skills will became apparent through her professional growth with UPS. When we think about the characteristic of a leader, we often think of leaders that are ever-changing, which calls each of us to act or to follow. We could take on the prime example, such as Carranza. She had some of the values that we all inspire to follow, she had that inspiration that combusted her career to surpass many obstacles. If we always stop to think about the leaders in today's society we would not get the same vision of a leader that had a philosophy that is hard to escape like Carranza, merely rather a leader that has that good to extraordinary quality like Carranza. Often times leaders like Carranza mentioned in the case study are more quiet and reserved, embodying the vision of good leadership skills and calling each of us to act in a subtle way that can often times leave us asking why she bargained for what the UPS was offering. The characteristics of a leader are not abilities or conducts that will be new to those that seek to master them, but will often times be the actions we all know we should be focused on as Carranza set out for and she made time to aspire for higher goals by becoming open to promotions from state to state. Without a shadow of a doubt Carranza development of good leadership skills that came with time, exactly 30 years of... ... middle of paper ... ...acteristics she posses in order to build and lead teams within the nation's fourth largest employer operating worldwide with thousands and thousands of employees. Carranza was able to grasp the understanding of change as a continuous process to be implemented over a long period of time, which allowed her to facilitate the changes in each promotion she accepted along her career path with UPS. In conclusion, Carranza and most leaders of America plan strategically in order to guide their position to a successful future, and to avoid the risk of being overcome by the impact of changes that sometimes can be detrimental in some cases and helpful in other cases like Carranza. Carranza embraced the change and the ongoing process for several decades and those are the characteristics that led her to endures a critical role in her transformation process as a leader with UPS.

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