Developing Leaders

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The commander is the driving force behind developing a unit’s leaders and is responsible for determining the method, pace, and criteria of the leadership development program. Good commanders not only develop individual leaders but also strive to improve the total Army team and provide good stewardship of the profession. Developing individual leaders means working to expand the specific leadership skills of a single person. Things like self-awareness, motivation, independence, and responsibility. Developing organizational leadership places more emphasis on building social skills to help foster teamwork and interpersonal relationships.
The case study provides good examples of a commander working to develop his leaders. LTC Fullerton first scheduled interviews with his primary staff and senior NCOs to identify their skills, strengths, and weaknesses. Fullerton noted during the interview with MSG Regan that he had gaps in technical expertise regarding the battalion’s mission and made a note to address it in his personal leader development program. This is one example of how a commander ...
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