Devasting Result of Bullying

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Bullying has increasingly becoming a bigger issue in most countries with devastating results, it occurs in many forms, and has affected lots of people. It is an unwanted, aggressive behavior among school or in public places. Bullying involves a real or perceived power imbalance. In most countries, bullying is a part of the everyday life of some students. Bullying happens nowadays, because it has reasons behind it.
Bullying involves three main groups of people in general. The first group is the bully; they are fascinated with power, winning, and violence. The bullies are often not reprimanded; therefore they continue to intimidate lots of victims endlessly. There are two types of kids who are more likely to bully others. People that are well-connected to their peers, have social power, are overly concerned about their popularity, and like to dominate or be in charge of others. The other group is the victim; these people are threatened, or attacked by the bullies. These people are probably experiencing bullying every day. Most probably, they are afraid of the bullies. Therefore, the victims have no intention to ask for protection, or to fight the bullies back. The last group involved is the bystander, these people are not involved when bullying occurs, but they are the ones who are standing, watching, and don’t do anything to help the victim or join the bullies threatening victims.
There are three types of bullying in general. Each type of bullying has different reasons on why people are doing each one of them. Physical bullying is the most common type of bullying. This kind of bullying involves hitting, pushing, slapping, spitting, and all things that have direct contact between the bully and the victim. Physical bullying ...

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...ullying will bring negative impacts to everyone involved, the best way to deal with it is to stop it for once and for all. We have to start doing small things together to stop bullying, and eventually witness the greater effect later on. All efforts done will count; we must stop this tragedy to make no more victims, or people disadvantaged through bullying. Building friendships with everyone and stop hurting each other will make this world a more comfortable place to live. Will you still not care?

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