Devastation: Oil Spill Impacts

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The state of our planet is in the spotlight due to environmental concerns. Oil is resource that can help us in our everyday lives but it can also have very negative results. A spill can bring problems that are irreversible. As we see movements and advancements towards more efficient sources of energy we still have these problems. An oil spill can have effects on the environment that can last for decades after the spill. Not only do oil spills cause harm to the wildlife surrounding it, but also to human beings. Oil spills cause massive damage to oceanic habitats, oceanic wildlife, and coastal citizens. Oceanic habitats are at risk of being contaminated by oil spills. Bird eggs that have yet to hatched can be smothered in oil and abandoned. According to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services “oil spills may result in the die off of many aquatic plant species”. Not only do fish feed on some of these plants but they also live in them for protection. Without some of these plant species some creatures may not be able to protect themselves from prey, which could cause a drop in the population or extinction of that fish species. Coral reefs have been ruined by the contamination from oil spills. There are long term effects from oil spills that are not as publicized as the short term effects. Oil has been detected in a spill zone 30 years after a spill. Fish migrate away from the deep sea contamination caused by the spills. To try and break up a spill, chemical dispersants are spread throughout the affected area. This still does not fix the problems oil spills cause on oceanic habitats. The safety of creatures in the area of an oil spill is in jeopardy due to the poisonous effects of oil. Birds wings ... ... middle of paper ... ...e, and humans are all affected by oil spills in a negative way. The long term damage oil spills have on the earth are not to be taken lightly and we need to find a way to prevent it. In addition to this the short term effects are disastrous. For these reasons we need to ensure that we protect our environment by being more cautious with oil. Works Cited “Effects of Oil Pollution on Marine Wildlife.” (Apr. 2007): Global Marine Oil Pollution Information Gateway. Web. 26 Feb. 2014. “Effects of Oil on Wildlife and Habitat.” (Jun. 2010): 1-2. U.S. Fish and Wildlife Science. Web. 27 Feb. 2014. “Oil Spill Effects on Wildlife and Habitats.” (Apr. 2012): Conservation and Research. NEAQ. Web. 27 Feb. 2014. “Oil Spill Has Far-Reaching Effect on Children and Families.” (May 2012): Columbia University Public Health. Web. 27 Feb. 2014.

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