Detrimental Effect of Abortion by Amy R. Sobie and David C. Reardon,

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Annually, 46 million babies die from abortion worldwide, that’s approximately one baby being aborted every two seconds says Dr. Craig. A. Kuhns. 98 percent of abortions take place because the child is unwanted or an inconvenience to the mother, and only 2 percent are taken place because of rape or incest. Since abortion was legalized in 1973 women across the world have took advantage of the legalization and have not been as thoughtful; abortion is used as the easy way out. After abortion was legalized teens have began to get the procedure and have experienced an emotional and physical impact; also the world economy has been changed dramatically.
Compared to older women teens who choose abortion have many emotional injuries. According to Amy R. Sobie and David C. Reardon, Ph.D. authors of Detrimental Effect of Abortion “Teens are more likely to develop psychological problems, more likely to have troubled relationships and are generally in need of more counseling and guidance regarding abortion. “ Many teens experience these emotional effects because they received pressure from their parents, their partners and their friends to get the abortion. In the article Impacts of Abortion on Society, Amber Bradley states “ Twenty percent of the women in Major's study experienced clinical depression. Also, when asked if they would do it all over again, 31 percent reported that they would not have chosen abortion or were uncertain. “ Many teens are not aware of the emotional impact that comes with abortion.
In addition to teens experiencing physiological effects they also experience physical effects. According to Sobie and Reardon, “ Teens are more likely to get infections because they don't follow post abortion instructions compared ...

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...bachelors unable to find a wife.” Over many year the chinese have adapted to the one- child policy and have formed their life around it, even if they began having two or three children those extra 9.5 million people will need food, water and shelter and thats already a main issue in China. Many did not notice, but abortion changed the country over many years and now they have no way to fix it.
Not only has abortion affected the population it has also caused protest which has lead to injuries. Since the Roe v. Wade decision legalized abortion in 1973, reproductive health clinics and health care providers across the United States and Canada have become the targets of violence by anti-abortion extremists. Physicians and clinic workers have been murdered; clinics have been bombed, burned down, invaded, and blockaded; and patients have been harassed and intimidated.
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