Determination of Involvement of Unions by Management

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The paper will discuss whether the management has the right to determine the involvement of unions in their organizations. However, before it is discussed any further, it is essential to clarify the role of unions and the management interdependently. Moreover, it is worth mentioning the history of both, the Management and the Unions in order to better understand the complexity of these two institutions and their differences. Some will say that such right of management in determination of unions is a subjective matter and that everyone has differences in opinions or preferences. The view of this paper is solely built on objective viewpoint since there is a direct involvement of employees’ rights that are bound by law.
Since the Industrial Revolution of the 19th century, Unions acted as advocates for overexploited employees whose employment conditions were severely inadequate. Working hours were long, pay was low and work safety was unheard of (Carrell & Heavrin 2010). Although, the role of unions have served employees well by contributing to the evolutionary changes in the working conditions; today their presence has not only declined but severely weakened.
Reder M. (1988) reasons that there is a perception of unionism fluctuations attributed to either high or low levels of unemployment. He brings an example of the US labor market from 1917 to 1950’s time period. From the research it becomes obvious that there is high correspondence of low unemployment and high labor demand that makes employers more accommodating in terms of employment conditions. This observation may be a better explanation for the decrease in unions across the globe besides the notion of events of 1980’s that might have helped to further away the need of union...

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