Determinating an Organizational Diagnostic Tools, Salvatore V. Falletta

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Salvatore V. Falletta, Ed. D. identified 11 different organizational diagnostic (OD) models to assist companies and analysts identify improvements within the organization to improve its efficiency. Many OD strategies exist for improving an organization’s effectiveness. One of these strategies, organizational diagnosis, involves diagnosing, or assessing, an organization’s current level of functioning in order to design appropriate change interventions. (Falletta, 2005) Not all levels of leadership and management will agree on which OD to utilize. In order to assist Whole Foods Market (WFM) in identifying the best OD, I will examine six models and determine their strengths and weaknesses, and ultimately recommend which one is best for WFM. Additionally, when determining the best option or options, I will also pinpoint some critical issues facing WFM.
Whole Foods Market Operational Environment Challenges
There were some factors and issues indicated in WFM’s SWOT. The SWOT identifies the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. By identifying where the weakness lies during the OD, WFM may turn this weakness within the organization into a strength or opportunity. It is not a surprise that WFM is experiencing a growing threat from the supermarket chains that are increasing their shelf space and products offering more organic and natural foods. This increased competition exposes the threat of new entrants into this organic and natural foods market. As one of Porter’s Five Forces, WFM needs to identify, or pursuing a competitive advantage over its competitors. In an OD’s, an analyst can identify certain competitive moves such as Improving product differentiation - improving features, implementing innovat...

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...ermine their strengths and weaknesses, and recommend which OD suited WFM the best. When determining the best option, I provided certain critical issues facing WFM. The congruence model will satisfy WFM’s OD. Some other OD models are satisfactory, like the B-L model. For a detailed and complete analysis the congruent model is recommended. Taken into account the organizations SWOT, the OD analysis can identify a proper change strategy in order to improve WFM’s organization efficiency.

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