Destination Objectives Of Tourism Marketing

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Tourism Marketing
Question 3 A:
Destination objectives-
The first objective for Destination Queenstown is to maintain peak season through summer/winter because Queenstown is very busy in peak season and they are trying to maintain visitor numbers.
To develop shoulder seasons in spring and autumn, this will bring more people to Queenstown when it is not so busy but there are still amazing experiences in Queenstown.
To increase visitors stay days, increase visitor spend and build strategic partnerships, to bring more profit for Queenstown and build stronger relationships with partnerships.
Question 3 B:
The reason for doing research is to aim to develop an industry so that they can offer world class experiences. Research will be
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This is used in a business to collect and analyze data relating to the organisations external environment. These external factors include political, legal, technological, economic, and demographic. This is also called a PEST analysis. The last research type is market research, this involves the systematic collection of information on supply and demand of products or services. Some of the questions that can be asked for market research can be who/where is the tourist market or what sort of tourism products does he/she purchase now, or want in the future.
On average 2.9 million visitors travel to Queenstown annually. 33% are domestic travelers and 67% are international travelers. The top international visitors to Queenstown are Australia with 36%, china 12%, USA 9% and United Kingdom 8%. Travelers visit Queenstown because of the beautiful scenery, it’s a relaxing place, Queenstown has adventure and excitement, Queenstown is clean and unpolluted, it is a friendly place and its
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The product for Destination Queenstown would be promotion the 100% pure campaign as well as promotion Queenstown as a four season destination for travelers. Destination Queenstown is also making new campaigns to promote Queenstown and how versatile it is.
Price means the amount spent for a product, activity or amenities. The price to a consumer is the cost and to a supplier the price is revenue. The price of the tourism product should be value for money otherwise tourists will not want to visit the destination. Price and value is very important when visitors are considering traveling to New Zealand. Destination Queenstown aims to increase the amount of visitor spend while visiting Queenstown, this will help businesses within Queenstown.

Promotion is all about promoting and advertising your products to other countries around the world. Destination Queenstown market with the following Marketing channels, consumer, media and comms, travel trade and business events. Destination Queenstown are promotion to Australia with spring Australia campaign for Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Gold Coast. Also autumn domestic campaign for fly and drive markets and winter skiMN and joint venture campaigns with TNZ, Airlines, South Island RTO and
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