Designing a Computer Based System

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2557 words

Designing a Computer Based System

Simpson &Co. estate agents are located in Brent. They have made a

publicity deal with Flancrust Enterprises, another newly formed

Business. Simpson and Co. Are known for their good service to the

public and want to start branches all over Brent, however they do not

have a system enabling them to record ever changing details of large

numbers of customers.


Identify the Problem


Estate Agents have to sell the right houses to the right customer.

They need to know what type of house the customer wants and the

features it must have. Estate Agents need to price every house and

have a record of all the prices. They must be able to change the

prices as they go up and down all the time. Estate agents also need to

have a record of the customer's details and the type of house he/she

requires. That way the estate agent can call the customer if a house

with all the required features becomes available

Currently Simpson & Co. is using a manual System for recording these

details. They record all the customer details in one book and the

details of the houses in another.

The disadvantages of this system are:

* There is only one copy of each book so a lot of problems will

arise if it is misplaced.

* Since everything is written by hand, the text could be illegible.

* Once written the content of the books cannot be easily varied.

* When details change, the database would be invalid

* Handwriting all the details can be time consuming.

* The files and books take space to store

* It is difficult to find a particular piece of information without

looking through all the files.

* It is difficult to make copies of the files for both the estate

agents and each customer.

In this essay, the author

  • Opines that estate agents need to be aware of prices as they go up and down all the time.
  • Opines that there is only one copy of each book so a lot of problems will arise.
  • Recommends finding the houses we like and only going to see them.
  • Opines that a place for them to write their answers would be sent to the reader.
  • Opines that the people they were sent to did not have to make the effort to do so.
  • Explains that the two users may not be able to spare the time.
  • Lists all the flats in kilburn close to the tube station.
  • Lists all the houses in kingsbury for less than £500 a week.
  • Explains that a barrier is an aspect that allows you to limit what can be used.
  • Explains range check to see if the data is within the right range.
  • Explains the importance of data type check to ensure text is of the right type.
  • Explains that they will have to design the two tables and how they are linked. they will enter the name and types of fields.
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