Designing An Efficient Supply Chain Network

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Designing an efficient supply chain network ( SCN ) has always been a challenge for researchers . The importance of supply chain network design ( SCND ) was recognized already in the early 1970s [ ] . The goal of the most supply chain optimization problems is to minimize the total cost of the whole supply chain ( SC ) . However , industries are now subject to legislative and societal pressures to improve the environmental performance of their activities . The growing awareness of supply chain environmental aspects is now greatly recognized by academic and industrial communities [ ] . In the supply chain context , focusing on the environmental issues often refferd to environmental or green supply chain management ( GSCM ) . Focus on GSCM research has been increasing at a relatively rapid pace over the past decade due to the necessity by industry of observing and focusing on environmental issues (Sarkis et al., 2011; Seuring and Müller, 2008) . Today , governments , international organizations , and companies have recognized the necessity of air polution emissions reduction . Therefore , it is importatnt to examine the optimization of total supply chain costs and environmental costs together . A green supply chain is a logistic network that guarantees the product delivery from manufacturer to customer in an environmentally friendly manner . to reach this goal , companies should invest in design and planning to optimize their logistic network , while accounting for the trade-off between cost and environmental effects [ ] . In addition , environmental supply chain decisions interact with other business functions like purchasing , logistics and operations management . SC planning and optimization on its own is a relatively intricate ... ... middle of paper ... ...n level for manufacturing plants as a strategic decision in supply chain design which makes it more complicated . To the best of our knowledge , this is the first attemp to address a bi-objective robust optimization model for green supply chain design with considering environmental protection level in manufacturing plants . The rest of the paper is organized as follows : In section 2 , some the relevant literature on SCND problem under uncertainty considering environmental issues are given . In section 3 , the background of robust optimization formulation is described . Problem description and formulation is discussed in section 4 . In section 5.1, the solution procedure is proposed and numerical study is presented for testing the model . The model results and computational experiments are discussed in section 5.2 and the paper conclusions are provided in section 6 .
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