Designing A Project Management Project

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People – the reality of a project all depends on the people that are included in the project. We all need to come together as team and everyone will need to play their parts. For example, these specialists are likely to include system analyst, design, programmers, product developer and tester.
Designer the reason having a developer is very important for the me because this will allow me to depend on the designer in order for them to continue with design they will suit them and Sahib Khan client. The designer will list to client what kind of layout and font they want for the project and it important that the designer listen.
The developer is someone who will be able to make measurements, building layout and drawing how the project should look like the developer will be able to organise all the equipment that is need to develop the project and it also the developer responsibilities to buy the all equipment’s that are on the list to do the project with me the project manager.
Tester will need to be able to see that all the project is working for network because if the project does not meet the network requirement this will make the tester to do more test to see if the project can work or not and the taster will use computer and other testing system in order to find a solution to solve the problems on the project.

Equipment or Facilities – a project can be limited by the available equipment or facilities, such as furniture, machinery, Pc, monitor, scanners, printer, technology, work area, hardware and software etc. It is vital that I have access to required equipment in order to install with the project. Sometimes the equipment is already in plan, when planning the project available resources need to be taken into consideration. ...

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...roject management Saqib Khan job to make sure that the team that is working on the project he will be able to give updates how is going and he will also need to be able to give notes and report on what to do the project in rest of rest of the team. Saqib Khan should continue monitoring the progress of the project to see how it is being developed. For example, he will need to ask for reports form the people doing the work, they will tell him what they have done, what they still have left to do and any problems or delays they have had or had are facing. Because lets him communicate to stakeholder and team members exactly where the project stands. As the project move forward he will need to establish how monitor progress based on a number of criteria, including time, cost and performance. He much highlight potential problems so that he steers the project back on track.
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