Design flaws in the US constitution

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The Constitution embodies excellent ideals that have helped us establish our nation’s system of operation and it allows decision makers to come together to solve collective problems on a daily basis. The founders intended to design a Constitution that would be an enduring foundation for the newly formed country. Although several institutions show that the founders emphasized the need for a system that could stand the test of time, the Constitution has not succeeded in its goals of promoting government by enlightened, engaged political players, deterring the adverse repercussions of factions, and inhibiting the government from overreaching its delimited powers to infringe upon the civil liberties of the people. One of the founders’ goals was to encourage the election of representatives that exemplify certain ideals, so that the country would be governed by wise leaders that have the people’s interests at heart rather than their own. Unfortunately, the way that the Constitution was written was not a good indicator of whether or not competent politicians or Congressmen would be the ones holding office. In modern politics, powerful wealthy interests heavily influence who gets elected in Congress and the Presidency. Lobbyists for instance have more sway than constituents because they have more money, therefore they distort representatives’ priorities to reflect less what their constituents want, and more of what rich lobbyists want. The Constitution's First Amendment for free speech protects the rights of those individuals who choose to spend money as their way of “expressing” themselves. As is exemplified in the recent cases of Citizens United versus the Federal Election Commission and McCutcheon versus the Federal Election Commission... ... middle of paper ... ...ntration of power. Every institution and branch has some oversight over one another therefore preventing the act of tyranny and preventing any institution from having more power than the others. More importantly, this prevents any one individual from holding excessive power that could only be used for self-intended purposes. As we continue to develop as a nation it is equally important to be aware of the fundamental weaknesses in our political system. Governing documents designed at our founding have provided us with a solid framework to work from and craft legislation in line with the principles and spirit of the founding documents, rather than literal interpretation. The best course of action to help the betterment of our government and society is through education. Through this mindset, our government can work together to eventually overcome these design flaws.
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