Design and Simulation of an Intelligent Traffic Control System

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We have got a very fantastic research experience when we designed an intelligent system which will be capable of monitoring and controlling road traffic in Nigerian city, all described in this paper. We have taken idea through current traffic control system through which we identified problem at ‘+’ junction and then we implemented our own system to solve the problem. Their approach was based on embedded system based methodology. Our new system, we have designed in such a way that it has pulled out some problems that were there in current traffic control systems.

In order to get in detail to the current traffic control system, hybrid methodology was crucial for us, so that we can categorize the intersections as “Y” and “+” junction, and then get to know about all the flaws being exist in traffic deadlocks on road junction. In order to get rid of all the botches in current system, the best possible solution was to design an intelligent system that will kick-out the logjam. Therefore, after get to the heart of the problem, Java SE 6 was the possible tool so that we can come up with simulated version of current traffic control system.

In order to map everything with real life scenarios, each lane have a set of arrows on side, for getting density of cars flow, one can just click on arrows. Component of transport system include road, traffic lights, vehicles, message signs etc. for the sake of making intelligent all these components, so that they can communicate with each other we can just embed them with sensors and microchips. Road traffic problems are the most panic situations for ones. Therefore it is quite hot area for researchers to build such a system so that people can get out of these problems, and successfully they have implemented so far an intelligent system, which is mostly based on fuzzy logic technology to manage control traffic lights.

Figure 2.1: The simulated fuzzy logic traffic control system


• By implementing such a system it requires a high cost Ratio.

• Accuracy of the same system can be increased by using PLC based system.

• Highly chance of error in the system in case of heavy density.



PLC Based Intelligent Traffic Control System


International Journal of Electrical & Computer Sciences IJECS-IJENS Vol: 11 No: 06

Author: Muhammad Arshad Khattak


The main objective of this research paper was to design and implement intelligent traffic control system.
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