Design Methods Of Innovation And Design

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Prior to taking this course, an ‘Innovation’ to me was all about having a brilliant idea, and with the help of some investors, transforming that idea into realism. I used to think that there was no study involved in having the innovation except an idea itself, and that it doesn’t require any expertise or any resource, other than the monetary investment. In just the first class of this course, I realized that ‘a brilliant idea’ is the most valuable ingredient for the innovation, but, to be able to innovate successfully, methods of execution are also equally important. The text book, 101 design methods, used in this course proved to be the guiding trail and laid down the various methods of innovation and design. In the second principle, from the Four Core Principle of Successful Innovation, Kumar (2012) defined the system-to-innovate as “An offering, whether it is a product, a service, or media/message, naturally belongs to a large system of offering, organizations, and markets. A “system” can be defined as any set of interacting or interdependent entities that form an integrated whole while is greater than the sum of its parts. Innovators who understand how this larger system works can better create and deliver offerings with high value” (p. 5). And from the class lecture, I could further understand that there is so much to learn about the various methodologies, and how to use the appropriate method to examine various attributes to innovation. With the “Seven Modes of Design Innovation Process” (Kumar, 2012), The effort of understanding complexities in innovation process was transformed into an easy to comprehend, step by step process. Every mode from the “Seven Modes of Design Innovation Process” (Kumar, 2012), explained each area... ... middle of paper ... ...ignorance and their encouragement to attain work-life balance appealed me a lot. The experience they share was invaluable and the knowledge that I got from those guest speakers were prodigious. Thus, I have learned how different things contributes to innovation. From the necessity to innovate, then idea, and then from idea to executions of that idea, every step requires application of some proven methods. And this course has certainly transformed my opinion about innovations from mere “all it requires is just a brilliant idea” to “an innovation is a product of great research and application of scientific methods”. And at the end, I believe, that I have learned something from each segment of this course, be it a text book, in class professor’s insights, lecture by guest speakers and group discussion with cohorts. Every part of which has broaden my ability to innovate.
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