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1043 words

It was a beautiful crisp spring afternoon while Anna anxiously prepared for the night out and chose to wear her long blonde hair down. She felt as though it would look best with her new sparkly black dress that had been hanging up in the closet for weeks. It seemed like the perfect night to take it out and show it off. Steve dressed in black slacks and a white button up shirt which complemented his dark hair that had just been cut the day before. The newly engaged couple enjoyed there special dinner and time away together. They decided that they would spend a much needed weekend away and just relax. They felt as though their vacation would not be complete if they didn’t bring their Rottweiler, Toronto, who was part of the family. Steve and Anna had always nicknamed him, “big baby,” because he was so gentle and easily scared. When …show more content…

“We will, and I’m sure Toronto will be fine; he’s a smart dog.” They begin walking down the beach in the direction of the shops when suddenly they hear a faint barking noise. Anna’s face lights up with hope. As they quickly turn towards the shore, racing with anticipation, they hear it again. Steve proudly exclaims, “I know that bark!” “Me too! Me too!” Sure enough as Steve glances up the sandy beach, he spots Toronto bounding towards them with his tongue hanging out and tail wagging in excitement. As they reunite, tears of joy and relief stream down Anna’s face. “Thank God you’re alright,” the couple gasps simultaneously. Steve quickly secures Toronto’s collar and leash. “You even guessed that we may find him right where he ran off.” Anna chuckled. “Sometimes having a little faith that things will turn out alright is better than soaking in worry. Either way I’m just glad we found him and he’s safe now.” They quickly agree to be more careful about having their dog on a leash and decide to enjoy the rest of the morning walking Toronto down the

In this essay, the author

  • Narrates how anna's face lights up with hope when they hear a faint barking noise. they quickly turn towards the shore, racing with anticipation.
  • Describes how steve and anna decided to spend a weekend away with their rottweiler, toronto.
  • Narrates how steve and anna head to the local police station in hopes of finding their lost dog, toronto.
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