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English An early Monday morning, I had found myself sitting underneath an oak tree that seem to touch beyond the blue skies. The soft morning breeze would sway through each strand of my brown thin hair. Children played with other children as I sat alone waiting for the bells to be heard. My first -grade teacher lectured the entire class except for me. She spoked American English words that would run through my head like puzzle pieces. Trying to figure out meanings to every English word, felt like the most impossible thing to do. I was bullied and teased for the way I dressed and for the way I spoked English. I gave up on myself so easily I just stopped trying one day. That one day, the least unexpected person had finally taught me something valuable for the first time in my life. I had finally reached a point where I…show more content…
I walked to my desk and I picked it up slowly. It was neatly tied up but I still had no clue who could have possibly placed under my desk. I opened it cautiously and I pulled out some sorts of clothing from the white bag. I extended it out and sure enough it was a nice pink warm sweater. I ran my arms gently through the soft sleeves of the sweater and I felt beautiful for the first time in a long time. The fabric smelled brand new and it had a very colorful butterfly displayed on the right side of the zipper. It was the best thing that had ever happen to me. My teacher had given me some nice clothes to wear for school and because of her I was the happiest little girl on earth. I didn’t know how to thank my teacher in english. Therefore, on a piece of paper I expressed myself throughout a drawing. I knew she'd understand me if I drew her a picture. I drew a stick figure of myself and drew the pink sweater with the colorful butterfly on me. In the drawing I wanted to show her that she had made me happy so I drew the biggest smile I could on my face. That was my way of thanking my
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