Descriptive Writing About Hair

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I rolled up to my “Little House on the Prairie” look alike hair salon. Got out of my mother’s car, and started darting for the shop entrance. My hair just as stiff as a bad knee when it’s raining outside, flyways going in multiple directions and bobby pins hanging for dear life onto strands of hair. It was definitely time for me to get my hair done. I opened the pink spray painted back door, and was flooded with scents of Moroccan and citrus smelling hair products. As I walked through the narrow hallway that had hair balls scattered all over the floor, I was warmly greeted with a, “Hey girl!” from my hairstylist Andrea. Who had on the usual dark colored tee shirt, jeans, and tennis shoes combo; with a black styling apron to finish it off. She then gestured her hand telling me to follow her to the washing room. On our way to the room we passed multiple stations where we heard stylist talking about the newest salon drama between highlight specialists. Along with the radio blasting “It’s gettin’ hot in here, so take off all your clothes!” from the surround sound speakers. And the roaring mixture of a blow dryer, spray bottles, the…show more content…
I was completely off with my prediction because it turns out they were talking about how teachers don’t get paid enough in North Carolina. I’m really not good at lip reading; it’s never been my specialty. By the time I realized everything that was going on in the room, Andrea had already started flat ironing my hair. I only noticed this when I suddenly experienced what felt like the heat of the sun on my scalp. She slightly burned me so she didn’t know what she had done until I flinched and moved the chair. She kindly said, “I’m so sorry” and tried to be as careful as she could after that. But for the rest of the time all I could think about was getting burned again, so the clamping of the flat iron plates were my focus for the remaining fifteen
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