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Assignment #2 Methodology Abstract The objective of this research paper is to illustrate the survival difficulties faced by a once great company. This paper examines the downward spiral of a once dominant retail giant. It considers the external contextual forces shaping radical changes in the traditional retailing industry as well as the internal forces associated with specific decisions. The paper will explore and assess these external and internal strategic challenges, culminating with the current position of the organization. The paper will look at how the rapid changes and complexities in the retail industry is driving innovation and competition between the new technology driven companies and the traditional retail firms still in transition.…show more content…
Descriptive research, primary` focus is to “paint a picture” of a given situation by addressing who, what, where, and how questions (Zikmund, Babin, Griffin, Carr 2013). Because Descriptive Research permit a sort of voyeuristic observation or unobtrusive for a better term it will most certainly be an effective tool in analyzing the subject matter more carefully. Three primary purposes of research are to describe, explain, and validate discoveries. Description emerges after creative exploration, and serves to organize the findings in order to fit them with explanations, and then test or validate those explanations (David Krathwohl, 1993). Descriptive Research in part was selected because needed information can be collected without interfering with the environment, or having to manipulate variables. Oftentimes these are referred to as correlational or observational studies. In business, a descriptive study can provide information about the naturally occurring, behavior, attitudes or other characteristics of specific sectors. Descriptive studies are at times undertaken to illustrate just how interconnected things are in the world around…show more content…
Qualitative data permit the exploration of every possible scenario in a given situation which is highly suitable when assessing the contributory impact of the social environment within the business world. By pursuing a qualitative approach, the data collected can be measured based on a philosophical (Phenomenology) perspective, Ethnographic, Field Research, Grounded Theory or Case Study. Advantages of Qualitative Data • Real time non-restrictive questions during interviews can be guided and redirected by the researcher. • Complexities about the research subjects or topics are discovered that escapes numerical measurements. • Data obtained based on sociological experience is expansive and oftentimes more attractive than quantitative data. • Revising the research framework including the direction can be done quickly should new information emerges. • Issues can be examined in detail and in depth Variables In an effort to explore the subject matter several variables will be

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