Descriptive Research Methodology

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3.1: Introduction This chapter is describing the research methodology for the study. In this chapter, key elements such as the geographical area of the study conducted, the sample and population of the study design and the instrument that used to collect and analyze data were fully describe. Most of the researcher were detailed the methodology so that they can reached the purpose of the study. 3.2: Research Approach and Design As information for all, survey may used for explanatory, exploratory and descriptive research. This study is applied the descriptive survey design whose aim to define the main factors that affecting the organization behavior. The descriptive survey design was choosing for this research because it provides an accurate account of the characteristic of the selected people and group, for example, the knowledge, beliefs, behavior, opinions, and abilities. According to Mouton (1996), the descriptive survey design was used to collect original data for describing a population that are too large to observe directly. Moreover, Polit & Hungler (1993) were defined that the descriptive survey is obtains information from a group of people by means the self-report, which is the people are respond to a series of questions that posed by the researchers for the investigated purpose. There were 6 independent variables have been investigate in this study, which are personality, motivation in the workplace, job stress, conflict and negotiation, leadership and organizational culture. This six independent variable was used to measures the impact of organizational behaviors towards the organization performance. 3.3: Research Setting This study was conducted at University Malaysia Perlis (UniMAP), which were located in the nort... ... middle of paper ... ...the organization performance and impacts on workforce performance. In order to ensure the respondent can answer the questionnaire in a correct way, the researchers were attached the instructions guidelines to guide the respondent by state out that either the respondent needs to tick or circle the chosen options. 3.6.2 Data collection procedure The questionnaire have been distributed to student that are following different courses in University Malaysia Perlis, a number of student and workforce have been selected randomly to be involve in this study and after the sampling of population is completed answering, the questionnaire was been collected back by the researcher personally. This study have been carry out for around 2 semester nearest 12 month, the data given by the respondent has been keeping privately and purposely for the research data analysis only.

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