Descriptive Essay: The Experience Of The Hospital

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The Hospital I never thought of the Hospital as a terrifying place to be, it was always just a huge building to look up at to me. When I was around six-years old, I used to imagine what it would be like to free fall from the very top of it, catch the wind and fly high in the sky, like in those action movies where the main character finds out he isn’t fully human; as if he were half-angel and the hospital buildings were perfect for my imaginations. As I looked up at the ceiling and watched the lights fly by while the nurses were wheeling me to the ER, I thought” well this isn’t right at all.” I know what might be going through your heads right now: “Has she never been in a hospital before?” or “Is she stupid, she acts like she never got her vaccination shots before.” To be honest, all those doctor appointments were a breeze to me. I always had an enjoyable time…show more content…
I kept thinking about how bright the lights were and how on earth did they get those lights on the ceiling like that while I was being wheeled away. I was afraid, but only because I couldn’t breathe. I wasn’t afraid of the nurses or the doctors surrounding me, making me try to breathe in this weird gas that smelt of candy I used to eat all the time. As the gas took affect I did realize, though, that the hospital was more than what I thought it was. These people don’t just give you shots to keep you from getting sick and they don’t just give you delicious candy and sweet smiles. These people can save lives. They were doing what I would have sworn on everything I knew that my mom could do and what I thought she should do. I realized for the first time that my mom actually couldn’t do anything and it confused me. As a little girl, my mother was the superheroes we all saw in the movies for me. Of course I didn’t hate her for it; it’s just that my very small world became a little bigger after being exposed to a changing situation. I realized things I never

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