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I had come home to that same setting so many times before. What started with a fun night out with my friends had abruptly turned into a depressing one. The living room was vacant with nobody to be heard from. I had come to know this tension so well, but never got used to it. The kitchen table held many containers empty or half-empty with leftover food of previous nights, Along with the leftovers were many bottles, ten or fifteen green glass bottles, empty of its Heineken beer. I instantaneously felt hot needles being lugged along my back side, hot flashes envelope my body; a colony of fire ants covering me. It was only then that I noticed the deafening silence, and I could not shake it off. That was when I knew I could not face this same situation again. Making my way to the staircase I noticed the lights were on in my mom’s room. It took so much energy to run upstairs, and it resulted in a heavy amount of guilt. I wanted to barge in and intervene, but I decided that I would do something about it when I heard screaming. I knew I could do something about, and I decided that I was going to do something about it that night. I knew the effects of involving myself in this repugnant battle would be everlasting; therefore, my parents would no longer see me as their young child anymore. While I was waiting for a peep out of them I sat in my room for what seemed like eternity. Blank faced, I stared at the ceiling simultaneously listening to music. I tried to drown out the noise hoping to evade a bad night. Not long after, I had finally heard something intense. I heard it as clear as thunder, above my headphones listening to “Till I Collapse” by Eminem. The last thing I wanted was for something to “go down” that night. I dragged myself dow... ... middle of paper ... ... rest of my life forever. There is no doubt that I will stop to think about this catastrophic event every now and then and be grateful for what I achieved from the worst situations. The fact that I will abstain from drugs and alcohol will be, in my perspective, my most valued trait about myself. My parents would no longer see me as their child; although, it was not an official coming of age ceremony. Because I will have to make every decision for the rest of my life, I will no longer rely on my parents for help, especially my dad. I think that every child should have the ability to rely on both parents for help whenever they need it, but that will not be the case for me. I am going to start taking more responsibilities, like an adult, because they will no longer take full responsibility of my actions from now on. In the near future, I see myself taking care of them.

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