Descriptive Essay On The City Of London

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Picture a street bustling with people trying to get home from work, late night shoppers sipping their piping hot soups and the sweet smell of darkness. Glamorous restaurants full of happy families, prepare to open, switching on the lights which illuminate up the night sky like little stars. A blanket of darkness sweeps over the city and the natural lights that hang in the sky switch on one by one. The luxury cars start to come out of the darkness and the city comes back to life after the brief moment when everything stops. It’s the only moment when everyone is just rushing to get home to their warm loving families, their spouses and the home made food that they have prepared. This is the great city of London right? It’s the great city where…show more content…
Damp, humid air laden with the smell of sodden concrete becomes noticeable again reminding you that you have entered reality once more. The fetid open sewers release the smell of despair which wafts its way slowly through the clean night air that awaits it, like a knife through rancid butter. We hardly notice tucked up in a warm bed shielded from the night and more importantly those that society deems not wealthy and a cancer to society. A stone cold concrete floor which countless people have slept awaits the homeless which comforts them with sores and bruises. The once friendly humans have now become hostile and those that were once there have disappeared into the night sky without a trace. Only the desolate, baron and unoccupied city remains for the homeless to brave through. Unwanted and hated they wander; only to find closed arm. Walking around with the sores and bruises they accumulated from sleeping all they find is the morsels of food that only mice
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