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My grandmother always says that one of her favorite things to do is people watch at the mall. I’ve always been a bit precarious as to why you would want to sit and watch people and have judgemental thoughts run through your head constantly. “People watching” can give you a slight insight on how humans interact with each other and their surroundings. You can pick up quirks, emotions, and make connections to your personal life in such a little amount of time it 's almost baffling. I went to Lincoln the other day, we stopped by Kohl’s first off. I was going about my business but in the back of my mind I was also focusing on the people around me. To my surprise there weren’t that many girls my age there, it was more of a family mix, or mothers…show more content…
We searched stores up and down looking but found limited dresses and a frenzy of girls at each place. Most were slender beautiful girls, almost intimidating, they shopped in packs picking over the dresses like vultures and laughing like hyenas in the dressing room. We stayed on the second floor of Dillard’s where the tiny almost classroom sized area for homecoming dresses were. It was most likely our best bet. The girls wandered around while I aimlessly stifled through the lifeless shards of clothing hanging almost lonely on the rack. Some girls had almost every dress on their arm trying to find random ones they forgot to grab. Others followed their friends like lost puppies not understanding the concept of grab and…show more content…
Her sister, her, and I all bustled down to American Eagle so her sister could try on some pants. I was standing uncomfortably propped up on a clothing rack having to use the restroom at this point in time. My friend and I walked over to the food court bathrooms passing by tables of people messily shoving food in their mouth. I passed my a girl and guy, assuming they were dating and they waved at me, I waved back and suddenly remembered I passed by them about ten other times in the span of two ours. It felt as though we knew each other and where old pals. Regaining my thoughts I walked to the bathroom and then back out after a few minutes. They always smell of grease and a pungent cheese

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