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After wavering back and forth on potential subjects, I decided on my Papa Cinfio, and uncovered inspiration behind my choice as I went along. Most significantly, Papa always encouraged my art, no matter the type, drawing, painting, photography, etc., but with writing in particular, he saw my potential. He often read my writing and truly saw though the technicolor kaleidoscopes of perception I mentioned. Countless times I remember Papa asking me what was on my mind, wanting to know what universe my thoughts were drifting into. With writing, his interest in my thinking was fulfilled. Being that he passed away only a little less than a month before my high school graduation, writing about him, and for him, seemed to fit well.
Despite the importance of the subject, I struggled with the assignment. My desire to honor Papa was consumed by
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For this next essay, I had to write a visual analysis on a product, utilizing both artistic decisions and contextual evidence based on the product itself. From that, I decided to pick an advertisement for FIFA 16, a videogame that came out only one week prior to the assignment. Being both an artist and a soccer fanatic, I knew the essay would be relatively simple. Two minutes into looking at the advertisement and analyzing felt a lot more like reading the artist’s intentions off the page. The choice of a red Canada jersey contrasted against green diagonal lines made it clear to me as to where the emphasis was being placed. Not to mention, the United States’ history with Canada in terms of female soccer. The nail-biting quarter final in the 2012 Olympics likely contributed to the choice as well. Of course additional research needed to be done, but I began with talents, interests, and prior knowledge that allowed essay two to be relatively

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