Descriptive Essay On Mushrooms

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Many restaurants have very appetizing sounding dishes; but as soon as I read that there are mushrooms in them they become edible to me. The one thing that I have never liked no matter how many times I’ve tried is mushrooms. It’s not only the taste, which is horrendous, but the texture as well. I can only describe it as putting an old sponge in my mouth which is not desirable in the slightest bit. In addition to that, the smell is something that I don’t even want to think about to keep myself from being sick. The mushrooms themselves are even telling us not to eat them. There are so many species of mushrooms that are deadly to humans yet people continue to eat them anyways, just doesn’t make sense to me. Based on the taste, texture, and smell of mushrooms the strong case can be made that they are not only unpleasant to the senses but potentially fatal as well.…show more content…
The taste of a mushroom can easily ruin any otherwise delicious meal with its dirt flavored presence. Most times the flavor is bland and boring because there is nothing special about them and when the flavor is not bland it tastes like I put a dirty sock in my mouth. Every time my family and I order a pizza we always have to order more than one because I will not eat something that is even touching a mushroom. That fact I will not complain about because I love pizza and as long as there are no mushrooms I could eat a whole pie myself. Taste is the worst thing about mushrooms but it is not the only thing that I find wrong with

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