Descriptive Essay On Hunting

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Bang! To most people, this sums up hunting. Hunt has been a means of survival for millenniums. While no longer necessary, I hunt because this hobby gives me an adrenaline rush and I get pride out of helping support my family. This pride comes from knowing how hard I have to work. Deer hunting includes much more than the split second of firing a gun in the woods. The hardest part of hunting may be waiting what seems to be an eternity until the start of the season. While I wait, I have many things to do in preparation for the hunt. The first thing that needs done is scouting for stomped down popular deer trails that are little more than narrow paths of mud and feces. The next step requires carrying a heavy metal stand threu thick briars and brambles to the base of some sturdy ancient tree that will provide effortless support to the stand. Next, I must hoist the stand high into the tree to an altitude of thirty feet. After…show more content…
With adrenaline pumping through my veins I descend from my concealed position high up in an oak. The adrenaline does not last long though because now I have time sensitive work to complete. First, I draw out my knife that my grandpa gave me when I started hunting and make a slit along the stomach of my prey and from this incision steam billows out and hits me in the face almost making me sick. I work on and accomplish the gruesome task at hand. After about twenty minutes of hard work the ground all around me runs red I know this part of my job has reached a conclusion and time has come to carry the colossal eighteen point granddaddy of a buck to my old beat up blue F250 truck. This task is nearly impossible and takes a great deal of effort even though the trip is only fifty yards. Once I get the deer home once again I feel a great sense of pride and this high should last me until I have to do the gruesome task of butchering my animal in a few days once the meat
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