Descriptive Essay On Hunting

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I have been hunting all of my life; most of the time has been in Wyoming with my grandfather. My grandfather has shown me hunting tips that you cannot read about, and true moments that can never be taken away. The time spent outdoors has made me into a very sharp hunter. The events that led up to the hunt are the calm before the storm. Every year I know that I have one thing to look forward to; hunting with my grandfather, the excitement of getting to opening day, tagging the perfect dear.
First, I think it’s important to explain that hunting with my grandfather is something I have done since I was eighteen years old. He lived in Wyoming my entire life so I didn’t get to see him often. Hunting was always a way for us to spend time together and for him to pass on something important to his grandson. My grandpa would share stories with me about his dad, and the hunting trip they had. These stories are very
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When the dust clears and it’s just you and the deer on the ground you know you have hit your target. This is not the end a wounded deer is very dangerous, so you sneak up to it with gun ready. You kick the deer in the butt and test if it’s alive if it does not move you can now field dress it. Field dressing is the hardest part of the hunt, I will not get deep into it but I will tell you that it needs to be done as soon as possible. After the field dress there is a meat packing company in town that will process the meat into whatever cuts you want. For me, most of the meat is made into a summer sausage with a roast and some hamburger patties. The horns I do keep and I have made a couple of lamps with the horns, but most of the time I keep them on my large fish tank to remind me of the hunt. I would not trade these memories and the time with my grandfather for anything. The traditions and experience I can give to my kids knowing they too will know how important hunting is and the true
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