Descriptive Essay On Haunted House

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As I walk down the street from school with Sophie I looked over and said, “ I can’t stand that old house.” “Well” said Sophie, “it may be ugly, but the last people that lived there died in 1847. Some people even say that it’s haunted , and some say that the last people that lived there spirits still roam the house.” We got to my house and dad thought it was haunted too. I looked at Sophie and said “Then we will just have to find out ourselves.” This so called “haunted house” was three stories tall with statues and water fountains in the front and backyard. Leading up to the doors was a huge staircase that expanded as you went down them. The doors had huge door knobs and next to the door on podiums were lions that looked like…show more content…
I looked at Sophie and she looked at me and we turned around to see the crowd cheering us on. I went to push on the door to open and it opened by itself before I could get my hands on it. “Here we go” I said as I took a step into the house. The door slammed behind us. No lights, but perfectly clean and furnished furniture. Each room looked like it was from a different time in history. CLANK! There was a noise in the background. Next thing we know we have been grabbed but we can’t see anyone. “AHHHHHH!” we both screamed. We were drug to the top floor and hung over the balcony and if you looked down you saw the lions roaring getting ready to be fed. I had realized that those were the same lions from outside. We were suddenly yanked back onto the balcony overhanging all the floors when there was a loud clank. I looked at Sophie and said, “The ghost must be afraid of something in the house, but what?” We heard a bark and it sounded like a dog! At least there was some kind of life in the house. We ran to where we heard the bark. It was a small dog, mut I guess you could say. I got down to pet it and said don’t worry we’ll save you. I heard a mumble and looked at Sophie and said, “what?” She said, “I didn’t say anything.” There it was again and it sounded like someone saying, save me-or else, and as I ran my hand down the dog I felt something hard. It was a ZIPPER I looked at Sophie and said, “I have to.” Then I slowly unzipped the zipper. And I saw a monstrosity, a small scrawny girl jumped out of the dog carcass and grabbed us by the necks. About to be strangled, we were grabbed by a stranger that snatched the dog/girl up and threw her across the room. “I’ll save you!” he said, but he sounded paranormal. We weren't going to the door! And then I smelled dog carcass on him. “NOOOOO” I screamed “I don’t want to be a creepy dog.” We were snatched from his

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