Descriptive Essay On Electric Guitar

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Two things with six strings It was in eighth grade when my father made me started to listen to Johnny Cash. His music was old at my age, but his guitar made me fall in love with his music. It was right then that I decided to play the guitar, both acoustic and electric. When I got my first guitar, the new smell of wood spread across my room as I opened my guitar case. I could barely lift up my first time. My little body was covered by the size of the guitar. The strings felt thin on my little hands and my ears were filled with magic when I played it. With time I discovered that the guitar opened new things into my world. This instrument has dominated the way we make and listen to music. The guitar is one of the most versatile instruments in…show more content…
The cable is what connects the guitar to the amplifier. An amplifier is basically the speaker that generates the sound of the electric guitar. As you gain experience, you can upgrade all these parts on your guitar. Eventually you’ll also have the choice to add a pedal or a loop bar to add effects to your music. The loop bar and pedal are the devices that change the tone, pitch, and sound of an electric guitar. As a result, these effects create an interesting sound and increase the intensity at a concert. Even through the screaming of people, it is all these devices that allow the electric guitar play so loud. These tools are beneficial for the player in the long run because you are improving in both your equipment and ways of making music. In the end, it’s convenient to know what guitar best suits you by concentrating on other factors of the guitar as…show more content…
In the way that they both have six strings and the similar appearances, but they still have their own parts like a sound hole or pickups. It’s fascinating to see that both of these instruments are meant to work the same way, yet they appear and sound so different. For someone to say that one guitar is better than the other is a bogus statement. It depends on the type of music you listen to and what guitar is correct for that type of music. If I go camping then I will bring my acoustic guitar and enjoy the warm sound with my family and friends. But if I want to perform in front of an audience I’d rather bring my electric guitar so we feel the energy. Both of these guitars have their positives and negatives, but I believe it’s too hard to choose which of the guitars I prefer because these instruments are great at what they
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