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With the bright light from the skyline of Seattle heating your face, you can smell the roasted peanuts and crackerjacks with the slight roar of the soon gathering crowd. The sound of batting practice in its process. People are trying to talk to the opposing players on the field shagging to give them a ball; they usually get denied. When the music is playing. The bats are hitting the balls. It seems that the sound of my summers at Safeco field never get old.

Through the years the team that I was born into rooting for was the Seattle Mariners. Not only are they the closest team from where it is I call my home, but they are the Major League Baseball team that my whole family cheers for. To this day I can still remember my first experience to a Mariner’s game at Safeco Field. The sights, smells, and sounds of the ballpark are still not out of my head. Every summer when my family and I take our annual trip to the Mariner’s games, I am always overwhelmed with joy as I show up early to the game. As soon as the playing of “Centerfield” by John Fogerty comes on, they open the gates. I usually take a deep breath and sprint to where they have been hitting pre-game batting practice balls.

Although the Mariners haven’t necessarily always been the best team in the MLB, I have not had a time where I have ever rooted against them. The Mariners have been the team that I would know the players since I had at least started watching them. I can remember my cousin and I watching the Mariners play and getting inspired to go play wiffle ball outside after the game. We would flawlessly perfect the batting stance of almost all of the players of the Mariners. We would then pitch to each other and we would do the same but master the pitches for the...

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...them to give away a tray of Rally Fries to the fan. The fans of home games normally get selected in the 5th or the 7th innings. The Rally Fries consist of regular cut fries, salt, and garlic doused on them.

At the corner of Edgar Martinez Drive and Dave Niehaus Way stands a baseball field like no other. Safeco Field has all of the amenities of a great ballpark. It has great food, amazing sights, and a big screen so you cannot miss anything. With a retractable roof that can be closed in about 10 and 20 minutes, the games could never get rained out. For an optimal playing surface, the turf of Safeco Field is a blend of six different kinds of grasses. When they broke the American League record for won games with 116 games, there were more fans rooting at Safco than any other field in the MLB. Safeco well replaced the Kingdome and is only the Seattle Mariners home.
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