Descriptive Essay On Babies

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Their ears hung gracefully alongside their face like long locks of curls. Eyes as round as buttons stare at me with sadness as I walk out the door, wagging their tree stumps as they sit on their hind legs. I am left with their soft scent of vanilla as I close the door behind me. After a long week away at work, I return home to my babies. In such great spirits, they run to me and all I can see are their ears fluttering like butterflies in an afternoon breeze. As playful as a child, they jump on top of me as my fingers graze over their ears, so soft and fluffy like rabbit tails. Their love is like that of a baby so pure and innocent. As the day ended we were left with an aroma of peacefulness, as night took over, I lay myself down for bed with Lola and Boa, all I could see was little glow bugs in the dark gleaming at me as their cries echoed through the night air. In the background I could hear thump, thump, and thump, as their tails sway up and down on the bed.…show more content…
As I open the windows I am filled with the scent of crispness from the fresh cut grass enter, as the neighbors are mowing their lawns. As I stand on the back porch, I take in a deep breath. I can smell the morning dew after the night’s rain, leaving my mouth watering with that of honey dew and fresh cut watermelon. I go with my babies outside in the back yard to play. The yard is covered in a blanket of minty green that leaves my footprint impression with every step. It is like my feet are underwater and the sand smoothly seeping in between my toes. Swoosh, swoosh is all I can hear from the blanket of minty green grass as my babies ran around in
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