Descriptive Essay On A Sandcastle

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It’s surprising, the amount of work a sandcastle takes; one can be built in only a few minutes, but a good one takes work. It is, hands down, my favorite thing to do at the beach. The work can consume hours of your life, becoming a narrow window of focus that excludes all else. Becoming engrossed in your work a great feeling, as it makes what could be called tedious fun. However, as hard as it is to build a sandcastle, it is all too easy to wipe one out; as I found one warm summers day. It was a glorious day at the beach that day, The sun was shining, birds were singing; days like these were meant for fun. I had arrived that day with my aunt and uncle whom with I was staying with for the week. I strolled toward the water’s edge, my bare feet…show more content…
I quickly retreated to a safe distance, hoping the fortifications would be enough to fend off the intruding forces. I glanced at their warriors and upon seeing their screaming, dirty faces I realize that my mighty castle was insignificant compared to their mighty force. The realization drove to the ground in despair. The bitter taste of defeat filled my mouth as they reached the outer walls easily passing over the trench-works as if they didn’t exist. The walls crumbled in seconds, towers that had once been supported toppled like dominos. I nearly wept as the ruthless raiders turned to the noble quarter, the only consolation the fact that they turned to the peasant district soon after. Soon, any notions of a merciful god were vanquished as the invaders turned to the keep. I could only watch in horror as the inner walls were destroyed. But I soon stopped short, as the barbarians had seemingly ceased in their brutal assault. I quickly realized that it was only a ruse. They, in their infinite cruelty were simply picking at the base of the keep, letting it collapse under it’s own weight. The entire process of tearing it down took only a few minutes, compared to the two hours it took building it up. I shed a silent tear for all my hard
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