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Music Concerts I went to my first classical concert which was performed by Benjamin Pila. Honestly, I did not expect too much on this concert, because I had thought all the classical styles of music is boring. I just wanted to go to the concert to get my credits and go home. However, contrasting with my former thought, I was amazed with the music of artist Pila. That was the reason why I could not wait to attend the second concert, which is perform by the artist from Thailand Ekschai Jearakul. The music that artist Jearakul played was different from artist Pila, but I had to admit that he is a talent artist. Both concerts has changed my thought about classical music. The first concert was held at Brandon campus on Friday, January 22, 2016.…show more content…
I didn’t want the artist to see if I felt asleep, or my face looking tired and dejected. My first surprising was the concert was full of people which is not only HCC students (who get free tickets from school), but also people who buy ticket. At that time, I wondered if the concert was interesting so many people spent time and money for it. Finally, my music instructor appeared. He greeted audiences, gave some information about the concert, and introduced artist Benjamin Pila. Then, artist Pila came on stage with two guitar. After greeting, he started concert. Contrasting with all my negative thought about classical music, I enchanted with Pila’s music since he played the first piece El Choclo ( arr. Dyens). This piece of music was very familiar to me because I had heard it many time. When I was in Vietnam, my parents had joined dancing club, and they always brought me there. Thanks to that, I knew some classical music pieces. At first, when I saw the name El Choclo on program paper, I did not recognized it. However, when I heard the melody, I was sure that was music piece that I liked the most in all of the pieces that my parent’s dancing club…show more content…
Now, I know why they did that. Like some courses I have taken such as Anatomy, Organic Chemistry that required students to take lab courses in order to provide students opportunities to practice, observe, and explore problems through exposing to the reality, attending to music concert brings students a chance to approach classical music. Therefore, concerts helps students widen their knowledge at school. Hillsborough Community College’s music concert is worth seeing. In the future, I will bring my family to other concerts that Hillsborough Community College

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