Descriptive Essay On A Happy Place

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Happy Place I think we all have a happy place we think of from time to time. For some people it may be a beach, mountains, or the deep green forests. To me my happy place is not like any of those such beautiful examples, but all of those magnificent examples all in one. For me it is such a silly, yet extraordinary place that it is unique and only mine. It all came about around eight months ago. I met a guy who at first didn’t seem to be my type, but decided to hang out with him anyway. Wow, looking back I am so glad I did. Each day we did something different and exciting at least for me. Up to that point I hadn’t had that much going on. I was hanging out with guy who seemed quite interested in me and each time we parted I was left wanting more.…show more content…
My friend, turned lover, turned future husband and I decided to move in together a whole new world started to flash in front of my eyes. One of the very first night we had moved in together I was imprinted within the mattress while the television is faintly giving off the sound of a crime solving show. The lights are dimmed down and the moonlight beams through the beat up window. The most harmonious feeling engulfs my soul got which the likes I have never felt before. The big fluffy pillows are spread all around my body while the soft comfy blanket makes me feel so warm. As I am laying there being swept away in the peace and serenity a faint voice echoes ever so lightly. It is the sound of an older woman narrating one of those scary, but sadly true murder stories on the television. As I peek out from the soft blanket to have a look my hand wonders across his hairy arm. I know I am getting close to my nirvana. When my hand finally makes it his little sporadic chest hairs I become overwhelmed with ecstasy. I know now that I am safe and very relaxed like I am untouchable. I cannot think of anywhere else in the whole wide world that I would rather be but here in my mind. I am totally relaxed and quite content with my
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