Descriptive Essay On A Cat

Why does a cat always have that grin on their face when they are sleeping? And they sleep a lot. Entire day they’ll stretch and curl in sound slumber, and at night they go out for the hunt. How everyone envies them. Anyway, what those lazy cats really see in their dreams? Whatever they see, it has to be wonderful, maybe a rat, maybe that’s why they have that grin while sleeping, definitely not a dog, otherwise they won’t have any stupid smirk. Mrs. R’s cat is a plain pale one with little grey patches on head and tail. He is more than seven years old. When she first brought him home, she wasn’t sure whether it was a he or she. Her witty neighbour, Mrs S even searched on the internet, and asserted it was she, only later to find out how erroneous she was. The internet is not a good place to find the gender of a cat. Anyway, Mrs. R cleansed and christened him Puss like most other cats. Kittens would play with anything: ball of wool, a piece of paper, empty can, little insects, etc. With age they develop their hunting instinct, and first clear the house if anything is there, and then moves out in the neighbourhood. What if a cat could decide not to hunt and turn into a vegan? Anyway, it becomes hazardous to…show more content…
Then he came out of the bathroom and Mrs. R put water over the blood and picked the remaining pieces. Puss never eats his prey completely if it is a male, just kill and munch a few parts. But he would devour the prey completely if it is a female. And this time the whole dead rat was left. She flushed the corpse. Then she came out of the bathroom and poured milk as Puss gets thirty after the hunt. She gently tapped his head as he drank the milk and slowly waggled his tail. He finished the milk and gave a satisfied meow. Then he ran and leapt out of the window and disappeared in the dark. After all no one can really own a

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