Descriptive Essay About The Zoo

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Emma, a blond haired blue eyed three- year- old, has been watching a new children 's show about the African Safari, she is intrigued by all of the heat-bearing animals especially the lions. In one episode she learns the word zoo. “Mommy! What does zoo mean?” she wondered out loud. “A zoo is where the animals from your show can live outside of where they are from. It would be like if you went to live with grandma, that’s not your home but you would still be happy to live there.” the mom explained. “Can I go?” Emma asked. “That’s a good idea sweety, we should go as a family soon.” answered the mom as she pondered a good time to go. The day the family is going to the zoo will start early in the morning, Emma will be jumping for joy anticipating…show more content…
As they gait along they see many people, some are big and round and some are very skinny, some are shiny from sweat and some don’t seem bothered by the heat. The mom spots a bright red banner strung between two street lights. It is advertising for a sensory building. After discussing with each other the parents think that this will be an amazing opportunity for their little one so they go investigate what 's in the sensory building. The first booth is the “touch table.” This sensory table was mimicking the ocean floor, it had sand at the bottom and was filled will all sorts of little critters, rocks, coral and saltwater. The first animal that Emma sees is a little turtle. The turtle has a dark green bumpy shell and is hard and is about the size of a deck of cards. Although the shell is hard and bumpy the sand is soft and smooth. Out of the corner of her eye she sees a black fish that looks like a spade. When she touches it, it is slimy. “Ew, mommy that one is gross” said the child “ can we go see the lions
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