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I have always been a sandwich fanatic. I love having an endless amount of options, and the combinations for a sandwich are endless. I eat a sandwich at least five times a week, and I have two favorite places to get sandwiches: Schlotzsky’s and Subway. Although a Schlotzsky’s sandwich tastes better, a Subway sandwich is less expensive and more accessible.
While a Schlotzsky’s Sandwich is delicious, and full of flavor, a Subway Sandwich is merely average tasting. I remember the first time I had a Schlotzsky’s sandwich. My mom and I were driving home after a hard fought game in volleyball. My team had finished with a loss, and I was not in the best mood. My mom decided we were going to eat at Schlotzsky’s. I was annoyed because I didn’t have a
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Meanwhile, my meal at Subway is just half of Schlotzsky’s price. Because of the price, I may not go to Schlotzsky’s as much as I would like to. The other day, me and my boyfriend Cody planned on going to dinner and a movie. Since we are both obsessed with Schlotzsky’s, it was a given that Schlotzsky’s was where we were going. We like to alternate who pays for us. For example, if he bought dinner, I would pay for the movie. We are usually pretty fair and figure things out without a problem. However, that day was a little different. We actually argued over paying for the movie. Because the movie would be eighteen dollars, it was a little cheaper than Schlotzsky’s for two. Although the price is only about a four-dollar difference, neither one of us wanted to pay four more dollars. After all, we are poor college kids. In contrast, I never have a money problem at subway. My meal at Subway is typically around five dollars. I was on campus the other day and needed some lunch. I had left my wallet at home and only had a little cash in my backpack. I don’t usually eat on campus, so I was not aware of the cost of most places. To avoid not being able to pay I walked to the Subway across from the Performing Arts Center. I ordered my sandwich and had just enough cash to pay. Subway is one of the few restaurants, I can get a meal for under five dollars, that I actually enjoy…show more content…
I have Schlotzsky’s to cure my cravings and raid my wallet, and I have Subway when I am low on money or unable to drive a far distance. I have the best of both worlds. I am not sure what I would do without sandwiches in my life. If I had to pick one sandwich spot to eat at for the rest of my life, I would pick Schlotzsky’s. In the end you get what you pay for, and a Schlotzsky’s sandwich is worth the extra

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